Center for Bodylore and Learning
2009-10 Professional Development Offerings for Educators

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Teachers and principals of grades 5 and above; especially appropriate for teachers responsible for social studies, science & health, special education, and physical education.


Center for Bodylore and Learning workshops last two hours, and combine short presentations and analysis and discussions of photos and videos with movement exercises that are thoroughly debriefed. While the workshops are designed around providing participants with structured movement experiences, they are not dependent on any particular physical fitness level or specialized movement experience: everyone can successfully participate.

The approach is comparative, intended to help teachers and their students learn to see bodies and their enculturated stances, dress, manners, motions, customs, and choreographies as highly specific physical responses to universal problems. While teaching students about cultures, teachers in this method are also teaching them about alternative ways of being embodied—not offering other cultures’ ways as “better,” but rather offering the fact of the very variety of physicalities to spur students’ critical thinking about how they want to be in their own bodies as they make choices about alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, food, and even consumer goods.

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