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"What a non-traditional, useful, outside the box class! ... This is definitely not a class for the timid but if you have the courage to participate the reward outweighs the anxiety."

S.C., Maryland State Police

"It's been my pleasure to know Sara for the past few years. We met when I was an Associate Partner at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and Director of the Learning Innovation Network, which was a research group focused on individual and organizational learning.

Sara was responsible for identifying, describing and evaluating leading-edge learning practices that could be applied to a corporate setting. To that end, she sought out a number of innovative practitioners in the field and was able to obtain their complete cooperation even when it wasn't always clear what benefit would accrue to them. In addition, she was able to work effectively with several very busy Accenture project teams here in the U.S. and Germany to gain access to the advanced work being done at their clients.
Her reports of these programs were compelling, her evaluations sound and her recommendations on-target and implementable. She worked effectively with senior Accenture executives and junior personnel, as well as clients. Sara's workstyle is appropriately proactive, knowing when to push and when to let a situation mature before approaching it again, taking a different tack if indicated. She also advised my team on developing our symposium for several dozen top Accenture executives, which was hugely successful, and critiquing the actual session we conducted.
Of the half-dozen external collaborators we used, Sara was by far the most productive, insightful and practical."
D.C., Accenture

“She is respected by the professional community. She is the consultant’s consultant and is brought in because other consultants recognize the value in her work.  Second, she has tremendous rapport with an adult audience and can adjust for the situation.”

—A.S., DePaul University 

“I know of few people who share her capacity for synthesis, innovation, and commitment to the arts as forces for change in our lives.”

—J.B., Berea College


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