Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D.

Art of Darkness Amazon linkArt of Darkness: Ingenious Performances by Undercover Operators, Con Men, and Others
Cuneiform Books

Keenly intelligent and thoroughly engaging

-- Grady Harp, Amazon Top 10 Reviewer

"The level of discourse is similar to pieces in the New York Times magazine. The book would certainly be suitable for anyone aspiring to a career in law enforcement in general and as an undercover operative in particular. Thus professors teaching courses in criminal justice would want to consider adopting this book. In addition, since the book is so rich in dimensions of undercover work that are exemplars of behavioral science concepts and topics, adventurous professors could have their students taking micro theory or social psychology courses identify and discuss them. It would be a great exercise and result in deeper processing of the material. It would also show the relevance of the sociological concepts. Since being an undercover agent is a kind of extreme form of covert participant observation, the book would be useful for graduate courses in methodology that emphasize participant observation."

--Michael Klausner, University of Pittsburgh-Bradfor


Vital Mummies Amazon linkVital Mummies: Performance Design for the Show-Window Mannequin
Yale University Press

Beautifully written

—Dean MacCannell, author of The Tourist:  A New Theory
of the Leisure Class and Empty Meeting Grounds

"Mannequins are so much a part of our culture that sometimes we might accept them as near-human or as just cardboard silhouettes and not think about the ramifications of what they are really doing in the store-windows. Schneider has thought about what they are doing, and what they are doing is important and complex. She examines the various elements of culture they represent: theater, art, salesmanship, and she reads the audience--you and me as we stand and gawk at the figures before us. She concentrates on the 70s because that was the period when window designers perceived themselves as directors, their mannequins as actors and the people on the streets as audience. This was the time, in other words, when mannequin display became street theater, with groups of the characters enacting real life scenes. ... The extended world that Schneider so competently examines is of great importance and interest to us. So is her book."

—Michael Schoenecke, Texas Tech University


Concert Song Amazon linkConcert  Song as Seen: Kinesthetic Aspects of Musical Interpretation
Pendragon Press

New York Native


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"Will surely benefit the professional singer, the teacher, and the student of voice."

— Lotte Lehmann Foundation



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