The Center for Bodylore and Learning

Sara K. Schneider, Director

The Center for Bodylore and Learning helps people to use both body-based methodologies and content about body practices to engage more intimately with Self, Other, and subject matter across the curriculum.

The Center’s training and educational workshops and consulting provide:
(1) personal growth for members of the general public;
(2) a research home for anthropological and other scholarly investigations; and
(3) professional development for educators, physicians and nurses, members of the clergy, and others who see themselves as charged with the well-being and growth of the integrated mind-bodies of their constituencies.

As its funding and partnership base expands, its activities will therefore include:
•    A thinktank for scholars in anthropology, performance studies, folklore, cultural studies, health, education, and other relevant disciplines;
•    A collaboration zone for American and international cultural excavations and fieldwork focused on somatic practices and conducted in working groups with teachers, graduate students, and interested adults and children;
•    An Internet-based, annotated visual archive on the global fount of movement and body-based practices;
•    A consultancy to educational, cultural, health-care, religious, and other institutions on working effectively with the mind-bodies of their ethnically diverse constituencies, offering educational and training workshops and follow-on coaching and structured experiences to deepen learning;
•    A publisher of educational materials; and
•    A contributor to cultural preservation policy, as practiced by international NGOs working in the field of intangible cultural heritage.

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